Isobel Wren

Isobel Wren gets a good OTK spanking from Dad

Today’s update is a tale of good ol’ domestic discipline, the classic fantasy of a naughty girl punished by both parents, first Mom, then Dad. But here she is really in trouble because after getting to lots of hand spankings the Dad takes off his leather belt and it’s time to make that naughty fanny really smart.

Isobel Wren is a new addition to Spanked Sweeties and she definitely has that girl-next-door look. She’s very cute and I really like her concerned expression when she first sees the belt…

Isobel's shock when she discovers the belt is next

Isobel’s sisters ganged up and told a lie about her which got her a good spanking from Mom only to be followed by the belt from dad. Poor Isobel – on the flight home she emailed Clare and said her bottom hurt during the turbulence.

I bet it did hurt! Can you imagine Isobel fidgeting on the flight home from a sore bottom. Actually, would she fidget or would she just need to sit in the least painful position? Probably a hard thing to do on a plane. A good girl would probably just have to suffer in silence and put up with the extra effect the bumpy ride had on her beautiful spanked bottom. A bad girl would fidget, complain to the air hostess and probably get taken into the kitchen part for either some lotion rubbed into her behind in a sexy lesbian way, or a further spanking from the strict air hostess. Mile high spanking! Mmmmm.

Anyway, to see Isobel’s full spanking as it’s added and to see ordinary girl-next-door types go over the knee for a good spanking and then talk about their experiences you should take a look at the multitude of sweeties at…

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