Katie Angel wants to Leave!?

Katie tells Clare she wants to leave and gets a dressing down

Clare Fonda is the brothel mistress and is in-charge of all the callgirls who work for her. When Katie Angel comes to her one day and tells her that she wants to leave and not work for Clare anymore, Ms Fonda is not a happy Madam! It looks like she’ll have to show Katie who’s in charge here…

Clare spanks Katie Angel for wanting to leave gallery

Katie Angel is spanked lying on the bed on a towel

Katie Angel is a very sexy pornstar you may have seen around. She’s just one of the “hookers” at Clare Fonda’s grittiest website. I like the way these girls get spanked in hotel rooms (their normal working environment) and the general theme of the site is just very strict, disciplinary punishment from Clare and the other senior people in her sordid callgirl network. To see this movie and all the other spanked callgirl episodes check it out at…

Spanked Callgirls

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