Sarah gets the leather paddle with her girlfriend

Sarah gets the leather paddle with her girlfriend

British amateur housewife, Sarah, is always getting herself in trouble, and the more trouble she gets into the more her MILF bottom is spanked. Sarah and her friend are both in deep trouble and are going to be punished hard and long in “Punish the two“. Sarah’s girlfriend has a big, pale white bottom and she initially tells us that she “doesn’t get spanked”. Unfortunately for her that’s about to change. First the heavy strap, then the senior girls cane is used on their bare bottoms. This is sure to hurt ..

While both ladies are spanked hard it is still Sarah who gets the more punishment because she is seen as the ringleader. Her smaller, pretty bottom certainly looks very spankable and you can certainly understand why the guy would want to linger in her, letting the senior cane thud painfully against her red bottom.

Both ladies are effectively naked, breasts bared and bottoms bared, as the lean forward onto the leather sofa. They get a very thorough spanking in their nude state but I suppose that from their point of view their position leaning forward over the sofa does almost protect their boobs from view, giving them a little humility… until the punishment is over…

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