Cute Asian babe beautifully spanked by Sexy Teacher

Cute asian babe gets beautifully spanked by her sexy teacher

One of the things I love about watching a F/F spanking is that you not only get to see a cute girl having a torrid time over the knee, getting her ass spanked red, but you also get to see a sexy dominant woman spanking the naughty girl. The photo above is a perfect example of this. The no-nonsense teacher, is also a hottie in her own right. She is a feminine lady who, for the next 30 minutes, will teach this naughty student* some lessons on her bottom.

In this Japanese Girls School discipline is paramount. All the teaching instruments are neatly stored when they are not in use, all the surfaces are spotless and everything is neat, hygienic and ordered. Thus, when a girl misbehaves, she knows that her punishment will be as ordered and strict as everything else in the school. Against this backdrop of quiet and studiousness a naughty asian schoolgirl can expect to have her little, round ass spanked red by her strict teacher… and that’s just what happens here! In the empty classroom her sexy female teacher, in a strict-looking suit, takes her across her knee and the scene comes to life as each smack lands on her pretty bottom.

While this girl is naughty, she is still obedient and takes her spanking well. Take a look at the way she is positioned over her teacher’s knee for this spanking. Her toes are pointed, her hands are on the floor with her face pointing downwards. It’s a classic good girl spanking! Watch the whole scene at Cutie Spankee for some delicious caning of the girl’s beautiful ass…

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* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

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