Cute little Jenni Mack gets a very hard spanking…

Jenni Mack knows she's in trouble with Miss Chris

The 1950s and spanking go to together like strawberries and cream. Back then parental discipline had a whole different meaning and young ladies went to Sunday School and behaved properly or they knew their mother would have their panties down in an instant and be paddling their naughty bottoms with her vicious hairbrush!

That’s just what happens here for naughty, little Jenni Mack as she crosses her mother, Miss Chris, and gets a proper 1950’s style spanking for her troubles.

In part one Jenni Mack gets a hand spanking over her white panties, but then in part two Jenni’s bare bottom gets thrashed with the hairbrush and wooden spoon…

Jenni Mack gets spanked very hard OTK with the hairbrush

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that Miss Chris looks very stern and powerful. She’s a strongly built lady with a strong desire for discipline and when there’s any threat of little Jenni wriggling away her leg swings round and clamps the poor girl in a leg lock so that she can feel the full force of the wooden spoon uninterrupted.

This is not Jenni’s first spanking by the very dominant Miss Chris, and you can bet that it will not be her last. She really is a sweetie, she has a teen look about her, especially when she’s wearing a school uniform and submissively taking her over the knee spanking. The petite girl is the perfect size to be flung over Miss Chris’s lap. Even if she wanted to escape she would not be able to. Instead, the only destination for that naughty bottom is deep into the land of “very well spanked”.

This is a very much anticipated spanking and it does not disappoint. Watch the full movie only at…

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