Pixie gets the Hairbrush

Clare Fonda grabs Pixie by the wrist and drage her upstairs

Pixie (also called Amber Wells) fans will love this update as the spanking heroine gets another comeuppance, this time at the hands of Clare Fonda who is looking all suburban cougar in her big shades. Clare catches Pixie about to make some art on her beautiful wall. While Pixie may have seen it as being creative, Clare likes her wall the way it is without Pixie’s graffitti on it.

Clare grabs her by the wrist and drags her up the stairs into her house (above photo) then overpowers her for a well-deserved OTK spanking (below)…

Pixie gets a sound spanking over the knee

As the spanking continues Pixies summer dress gets flipped up, baring her bottom, then her skimpy panties pulled down so that she has no protection at all from Clare’s busy hand.. or the hairbrushing that follows…

Clare catches Amber spraying the wall. She threatens to turn her in to the police, but Amber will do ANYTHING to prevent that from happening. So Clare marches her up to Amber’s room and takes her over her knee and gives her a very sound spanking. But that isn’t enough. So she bends her over and gives her many hard whacks with a hairbrush. Amber learns the hard way not to deface property.

Pixie gets the Hairbrush for writing graffitti gallery

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