Spanking and Diapers…

Madison Young and Paris Kennedy get kinky with diapers and spanking

Over the years Clare Fonda has been doing some very kinky spankings.. in particular, I’m thinking of the old site she used to have called Kara Prepare Yourself where there were rectal thermometers, diapering, corner-time and all manner of humiliating punishments in a soap-opera style spanking site.

Well, times move on and the Kara site has become archived within Clare’s Spanked Callgirls website, as Clare took those kinky spankings in a harder, more mature direction.

So what happened to all the really kinky diaperings from Kara Prepare Yourself?? Well, now you can check them out at the brand new Naughty Diaper Girls! The site contains all the diaper scenes from Kara plus a whole bunch of new diaper scenes with hi-res photos and hi-def movies. This is now the only place you can see Clare’s diaper scenes and the only place to get all the new diaper storylines as they emerge.

As you can see from the above photo the spankings have an extra humiliation for the girls as they are made to wear the huge adult diapers before, after and during their spankings. There are some familiar faces, like Madison Young and Paris Kennedy, above, and some new faces like Candle Boxxx and Anita Blue. I particularly like the scene with Mika Tan, one of my favorite pornstars.

You can see more by going to Naughty Diaper Girls

Naughty Diaper Girls

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