Stable Girls get a Proper Thrashing

Stable Girls get a Proper Thrashing

When two women apply for a job looking after horses in an English Stable they did not imagine what the interview would consist of, as you can see in these spanking movies, the two women ended up getting a lot more than they bargained for.

Their new English Boss is a country lady. She is as fit and strong from working with the horses as she is proper and strict. She knows that if they do their job to the very best level she must make sure they both have a high standard of discipline. After all, and girl who uses the riding crop in her work must expect to have her knickers pulled down for a good thrashing whenever she’s naughty – that’s the rule of the countryside!

Both women are fit and hard working but this strict stable-owner is about to find out how much they both want to work for her.

The first girl has long, blonde hair and a nice body with curvy hips. She bends over the knee and gets her lovely buttocks slapped pink by the strict Lady. Her colleague, also blonde with much shorter hair and a smaller, tighter butt, gets the same treatment on her pale bottom. Stage two of their English Punishment is a good spanking with the leather paddle. The two girl’s asses soon turn a rosy red color from the firm paddling and their strict Boss examines her work, admiringly. Lastly, the girls, now only wearing their bras for protection, are bent over and caned. The first stroke makes the slim girl with the tight butt jump up and rub her bottom but that only delays the next stroke for a second and her ass is soon striped with red welts from the stinging cane.

Now that both girls have sore, red asses they can start work and go for a gallop in the paddock. Bumping up and down on those leather saddles will finish the Lady’s work for her as the girls’ sore bottoms will remind them not to overuse the riding crop or they’ll be in the house for another thrashing.

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