Blonde Mom in lingerie requests a Whipping

Blonde Mom in lingerie requests her Whipping

Sometimes it seems like the older some women get the kinkier they become. Well, that appears to be the case for this horny, blonde cougar. Not only does she know what she likes, she’s not afraid to ask for it, especially when the thing she wants is a severe whipping on her milky-white buttocks. In her corset and stockings with her breasts exposed and her panties pulled off, she’s secured to the whipping bench. Up to this point its been very naughty and fun, lots of smiles and excitement, but then it begins…

Sexy blonde MILF gets tied to the bench for a whipping

As requested, this kinky Mom gets a fearsome whipping. The first stroke comes as a shock, even though she’s expecting it, and is enough to change her expression from a smile to a pained look. Perhaps we should remind this lady that she did ask for her punishment. From hereon in the ordeal does not get any easier for this sexy lady as she is given exactly what she craves… a very hard and relentless whipping.


Sexy blonde MILF gets tied to the bench for a whipping movie

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