Bella Bathory spanks Men

Dominatrix Bella Bathory punishes a man for watching porn at his desk

We’ve seen dominatrix Bella Bathory take a severe BDSM-style punishment from fellow dominatrix, Snow Mercy, but normally she is the one on top. In particular, Bella is probably more used to punishing men than anything else, and that’s just what she does here! In “Bella Bathory Trains Men Day 3” on Clare Spanks Men she continues where she left off with this badly behaved gentleman.

He bends over the desk and gets his bare bottom spanked by strict and sexy Bella Bathory

While this may be a spanking scene, he’s too big to go over her knee so all the spanking is done with him bending over the desk. Another thing which is quite unusual is that there is plenty of BDSM-style foot worship here which adds another kinky twist to this Femdom movie.

Mistress Bella Bathory (a real life dominatrix) is tall, beautiful and ever so strong. She was hired by a man’s wife to train him. When she finds out he is still watching porn in his office, and worshiping her secretly, she punishes him severely with a cane and has him kiss her feet.

Bella Bathory canes the lazy, useless man over his desk

So, just as we expected, the tall, blonde, Amazonian Bella Bathory can give every bit as hard as she can take and seems to relish the task of chastising men! Watch this movie plus many more strict women dominating and punishing men at Clare Spanks Men!

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