Severe spanking of two babes in Tandem

Severe spanking of two babes

This is one of the most severe and best spanking movie galleries I’ve seen all day. When these two babes are naughty they do not get the usual OTK spanking. Oh no. These two girls start off with a touch-your-toes spanking, then their punishment gets harder and more inventive in these VERY HARD spanking movies.

After the hand-spanking over their panties the two girls get their hands smacked with a leather paddle. The paddle hits their hands and brings tears to their eyes. They must think that after the spanking and paddling they’ll have finished but as they get their hands slapped the canes and carpet beater arrives. Holding on to each other with their sore hands the girls are spanked alternately with the carpet beater. seeing them each yelp in turn is very hot as their bottoms are now extremely red from their punishments. But in this scene they save the best for last…

The two naked girls bend over on the floor as their two spankers circle them and find out which implements get the best results from their naughty bottoms. The girl on top has a nice pair of breasts that hang down and rest on her friend’s back until she gets a hard smack with the wooden spoon and jumps up for a second, but the spanking doesn’t stop and her friend is getting spanked with the paddle at the same time as she is. Two spankers working in tandem on these two beautiful babes. Very very hot ass spanking!!!

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