Clare Fonda spanks Kay Richards hard OTK

Clare Fonda spanks Kay Richards hard OTK

This spanking photo from Spanked Sweeties has it all! It shows why Kay is one of my favorite spankees as she gets a good OTK spanking from the strict Clare Fonda.

Kay Richards is hot and the scenes she’s in are electric. I especially like the spanking movies she has done with Madison Young. There is one particular movie I’m thinking of where Madison is spanking Kay for not returning phone calls. It’s a hot scene and Kay is told to count the spanking but when she forgets which number she’s got up to the spanking has to start over again.

Anyway, back to today’s photo, its a hot picture of Kay getting a well-deserved spanking and has all the elements I like to see:

  • Stern spanker;
  • Spanked girl with an anguished face;
  • Nice position of the girl, in this case OTK;
  • Nice, red ass;
  • Spanking implements at hand for later.

Both ladies’ expressions are priceless and you can almost imagine the smack of Clare’s hard hand on Kay’s reddening ass cheeks. The one thing we can’t really see is Kay’s gorgeous bottom, but you get to see plenty of that in the movie, as well as her wriggling and struggling over Clare’s knee. Kay is always good value when she’s being spanked, she can be bratty, mischievous and rebellious, almost inciting the spanker to make her ass even sorer!

You can watch the whole of this spanking movie as well as tons of other sizzling hot spanking movies with Kay and other girls like Amber Peach, Madison Young and Ashley Fires at Spanked Sweeties!

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