Candle Boxxx’s Spanking Ordeal

Candleboxxx is spanked over the knee by Clare Fonda

Voluptuous blonde Candle Boxxx is back and she’s over the knee! Well, she’s over the knee, over the chair and over the knee again.. this really is a good bottom workout for this little miss. Her first spanking is over Clare Fonda’s knee on the sofa, above, but then in the morning she’s in her nightie with a still bright red bottom and she gets another spanking, first by Clare then her buns are set ablaze by D…

Candleboxxx's final spanking sees her bottom get to a whole new level of redness

Candlebox has a very nice body and that dark pink lipstick makes her lips look very big as she’s yelling from the spanking.. and the color of her lips also matches her pink nipples and her rosy, red bottom very well, as you can see. She’s a slim blonde with a nice round ass that sits up nicely to be spanked. Almost poetic! Download the spanking movies at Spanked Sweeties

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