Tennis Babe gets spanked with her Racquet – Part 2

Kay pays Alanah back by getting her own bottom spanked OTK

Today we have the conclusion of this busty girl-on-girl spanking scene with the two sexy and well-endowed babes Kay Richards and Alanah Rae, part one is here and saw Kay spanking some important information out of Alanah.

Without wanting to give away too much about the plot, once Kay is finished spanking Alanah she finds that her makeup is messed up and Alanah’s bottom is very red. Both ladies are booked to do some photoshoots that afternoon but it looks like they’re both going to have to cancel. But maybe Alanah has a solution that might help. If Kay wants to try and get to her shoot she has to let Alanah spank her bottom…

There’s a nice part where both girls rub their sore bottoms together before Kay’s spanking finale…

Both ladies rub their sore bottoms before the spanking finale

… and like she did before, the tennis racquet is used for the last few smacks as Kay counts her smacks aloud…

Alanah Rae serves up an ace on Kay Richards' bare bottom

Kay is on top form in this spanking, especially when she continues to have trouble counting her spanks, so gets a few more than expected. Both girls look amazing and this is a really nice example of two busty switches giving each other a good spanking.

It’s another very fine update from Clare Fonda’s My Spanking Roommate.

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

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