OTK Strapping for Note Passing Girl

OTK Strapping for Note Passing Girl

We love bratty babes getting what they deserve. In this strapping movie gallery a girl who has disrupted the class by note passing gets found out and her teacher is in no mood to let her get off without a good punishment. Right from the start the sexy big bosomed teacher slaps her naughty rear with a large strap, first over the skirt, then over pink panties, then on the bare ass, then she’s taken over the knee for a delicious OTK strapping.

This movie is everything a spanking movie should be! It’s hard discipline. The teacher does not mess about, each hard smack of the strap counts, especially when her round tushy has been bared. The cute blonde girl with the round butt soon gets those tender cheeks spanked red by her bra-less teacher whose big breasts are just about contained by her sexy red dress.

It’s a very hot F/F spanking movie, watch the full scene and plenty more nice spanking vids at Bad Tushy

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