Punished for no homework

Punished for no homework

Mrs Pierce is another busty Bad Tushy teacher and one unlucky student has demonstrated to her that she has not done her homework, it looks like the naughty girl is in for some strict corporal discipline in these spanking movies!

The naughty senior girl is spanked with a yardstick and then is shocked to feel the strict teacher yanking the belt out of her slutty skirt. “What are you doing with my belt?” she gasps. But the girl already knows the answer and is given extra beatings with her own belt on her tight, round butt. When she tries to protect her rear it does her no good as the teacher continues to spank her hands and the hands quickly move out of the way.

She is a bad babe but her ass is smoking hot. The temperature rises when the flustered girl is then dragged across her teacher’s knee, her skirt raised and those blue panties are pulled down. Her blushes compliment her reddening bottom but there is no time for pride in this humiliating punishment. “You WILL learn in MY class!” yells the teacher as she grabs the girl’s pigtails, making her face the class, and smacks her bottom hard.

The struggling blonde babe’s pert breasts have popped out of her top. What could be more humiliating for a naughty girl than getting a bare bottom spanking with tears running down her face, breasts on display with her friends watching her and being forced to look at them the whole time?

Mrs Pierce is a strict lady! Knee-high black boots and a smart black dress suit give this teacher a very dominant look, especially with her hair scraped back in a bun. But this teacher is definitely kinky. Like most of the Bad Tushy Teachers she is bra-less. With the naughty student over her knee she wasn’t concerned with anything but disciplinging the girl and so her own big boobs have been almost flashing at the other students as she spanks at the front of the class…

See this fast-paced, full-blooded school spanking movie and find out if any other girls have been naughty today at Bad Tushy!

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