Spanked Brat on Xmas Day

Bratty Samantha Woodley gets a Xmas morning spanking on her bare bottom

It’s Christmas morning and little miss brat has woken up and gone straight downstairs to see what presents she has been given. She hasn’t even bothered to get dressed, she’s still in her princess’s nightgown. She starts to open her presents but when they’re all open this little brat is less than satisfied.. she’d wanted so much more. She complains to Daddy but this time he has had enough of his spoilt daughter and rather than take her shopping this bratty princess is getting her panties pulled down for a Christmas morning spanking on her bare bottom.

Bratty Samantha Woodley gets a Xmas morning spanking on her bare bottom

Cute little teens with soft bottoms getting a stern spanking from their fathers is a favorite M/F fantasy of mine and Samantha Woodley plays the role of the bratty little princess very well indeed.

This is a nice OTK movie with some slight twists. Even though it’s technically over the knee the Dad is sat on the floor instead of being seated on a chair, like normally happens. There’s also an unusual hold in the movie, he seems to wrap his arm around his daughter’s neck while he spanks her beautiful bare bottom with the other.. I can’t recall seeing that before… it certainly seems to have the desired affect on poor Samantha.

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