Top 10 Spanking Model Stats 2017

2017 was a good year for spanking and spanking models with plenty of new blood (pun not intended) and other models going from strength-to-strength in their spanking movies.

Top 10 Spanking Model Stats 2017

  1. Clare Fonda
  2. Veronica Ricci
  3. Sarah Gregory
  4. Harley Havik
  5. Stevie Rose
  6. Snow Mercy
  7. Miss Elizabeth
  8. Kay Richards
  9. Linny Lace
  10. Adriana Evans

Changes in the List

Considering Clare retired a few years ago it is a little surprising to see her up there in first place. The top three (Clare, Veronica and Sarah) are the same from last year but in a different order this time around. Next, Harley has appeared pretty much everywhere and has leapt into the Top 10 at number 4. This new entry has pushed Snow and Stevie down to positions 5 and 6. Miss Elizabeth is a new entry at number 7. The two new entries mean that Kay has dropped two places, from 6th to 8th. Finally, Linny and Adriana are two more new entries in places 9 and 10.

There was technically a Top 11 last year so the 5 models to have dropped out this time are Dani Daniels, Angela Sommers, Madison Martin, Christina Carter and Amelia Jane Rutherford. Madison ended up just outside the Top 10, along with Ava Nicole and Elori Stix.

To compare this list with the same list for 2016, take a look at last year’s stats.

Looking Forward to Spankings in 2018

2018 is already here and I am sure there will be plenty more spankings to enjoy this year. The newcomers from last year are all set to appear in even more spanking movies this year and possibly break into the Top 10. In particular, as well as all the models I’ve already mentioned, I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing plenty more from newcomers Mackenzie Reed, Kitty Catherine and Rachel Adams who have already had some very hard spankings.

I have not mentioned all of spanking models we saw in 2017 because that would make this turn into more of a long list of names than it is already. There have been many cameos along the way and many models we probably should have featured more often. Maybe we can fix that this year. I’m hoping for the same mix of spanking models, amateurs and pornstars making appearances in the spanking movies again this year! Who would you like to see more of?

Thank you for taking the time to visit and read Spank Bad Ass. Let’s enjoy the hot and sexy spankings together again this year.

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