Busy Makeup Artist gets Spanked

Kay Richards spanks Nikki her makeup artist

In the spanking scene there are good girls, bratty girls and spoiled princesses – Kay is none of these. Kay is more of a slutty minx. You could say she’s a bad girl. Her love of nudity, tattoos, love of casual sex and loud mouth make her one of the most striking spanking models out there. Well-loved by her fans who want something a little different. Kay is certainly a little different and she is as entertaining spanking another girl as she is getting spanked herself. There’s generally some sort of counting involved which is a shame for her as Kay is not very good at math.

If you saw the tennis scene with Alanah Rae and Kay on My Spanking Roommate you may remember that at the end of the scene Kay gets the number of a make-up artist who is good and works fast at short notice. It seems that the make-up artist is Nikki, but there are complications…

When famed make-up artist Nikki informs Kay that she won’t have time to do her makeup for a photo shoot, Kay teaches Nikki a lesson with a hard hand spanking, punctuated by 2 different wooden spoons.

…luckily for us there is plenty of nudity in this one as Kay shows off her sexy body…

Kay spanks her makeup artist for not making enough time for her – gallery

And so life goes on in Kay and Madison’s spanking world. Download all the past, present and future episodes at..

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2 thoughts to “Busy Makeup Artist gets Spanked”

  1. BTW, check out Kay’s justifications for the spanking. She can be very stern when she wants to be, and also very funny.. a nice hard OTK hand spanking from the start. Mmmm.

  2. Also, I like the way Nikki shows just the right amount of shock, disbelief and shreiks when Kay yanks her over her knee and starts smacking her ass. It makes it a very believable scene!

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