Danny spanks Madison – AGAIN!!

Danny pulls down Madison's panties so he can smack her rosy red cheeks with a paddle

This post is about a fantastic spanking that happened last year on My Spanking Roommate. It was among the first spankings on the website and it really did help to launch the site with a bang. The gorgeous and curvy Madison Martin got a farewell spanking from her boyfriend as she was about to split up with him… and it was not for the feint-hearted. The spanking is hard and very real! Madison can take a lot of spanking on that big, white bottom, but she really was spanked to tears even before the big, wooden punishment board gets brought out for the finale.. It really was a very hard spanking that you shouldn’t miss.

So now the couple have separated but Madison finds herself in trouble with no-one to turn to but her ex-lover… Madison Martin finds herself in jail with no-one to bail her out, eventually she gets bailed out by her ex-boyfriend, David (Danny Creighton), who is not very happy at the situation. She tries to convince him that it was all her boss’s fault that she was put in jail. But David is not taking any more of her lies and he sets about teaching her a lesson that is all about responsibility!

Madison Martin gets a hard “Responsibilities” punishment with Danny’s hand and leather paddle

Very very hot! Madison and Danny look like they could be lovers in real life, they go together well and the spanking scenes are electric!! Download the full movie only from My Spanking Roommate.

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

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