Amateur ladies Conchita and Sarah get spanked hard

Busty blond MILF Conchita gets a hard spanking with the leather paddle for making a porno film

British amateur MILF Sarah is a tall, thin lady who just loves to fuck strangers and get spanked.. often fucking leads to a spanking, or she is just spanked for another reason. Sarah films all the kinky episodes of her life and there is plenty to see as she and her girlfriends get very naughty and get dealt with very firmly indeed.

Here, Sarah has hired a busty European lady called Conchita to film a spanking scene for her website. Conchita shows up but there has been a mix-up with the dates and it looks like the guy who was going to spank her isn’t there. Sarah, Conchita and the cameraman think about what they can do instead. Sarah offers to hold the camera while the cameraman fucks the beautiful curvy MILF… and so the curvy blond lady with big boobs gets fucked on the sofa while Sarah looks on and captures every second for her website…

This leads us to part two. The guy who was supposed to spank Conchita for the scene shows up. He finds out that they have filmed the scene already, but it is the wrong kind of scene, it was supposed to be spanking not fucking. The result is a lovely double spanking as both Sarah and Conchita get their big bottoms spanked hard with the hand and leather paddle. Conchita has a luscious all-over tan and after the hard punishment her big bottom is very bright, dark red.

Naughty amateur MILFs Conchita and Sarah get spanked hard together for making a porno film

Spanking Sarah is fast turning into one of my favorite British spanking sites. The things I like in particular are that I haven’t seen Sarah or her friends elsewhere, the spankings are hard and there is some nice amateur sex. This update shows two older ladies getting properly punished but often Sarah brings her younger, cute girlfriends into the mix to talk about past real-life spankings and get a very red bottom…

Spanking Sarah

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