Spanking Website Review: Calstar Spanking

Calstar Spanking Website Review

Calstar Spanking, or “Hot Sun & Blistered Butts” as it’s also known, is a large spanking website with easy-to-use navigation. When you first enter the first thing you see are the four categories: F/F, M/F, schoolgirls* and domestic discipline. Beneath the menu are some ads but scroll down a little and you’ll see the list of updates with a great “jump to update” feature and a link to the bonus sites.

I decided to go through the four sections and see just how big the members area is… it’s BIG! Not only are there plenty of updates but the video size and filesize tends to be large aswell. You have the choice to download the videos in parts or, if the full download is available, you can download it as one big file. There are also photo galleries for many of the movies. If you download a full movie it can take some time as the files get quite big (500MB) so it’s a good thing the members area looks great and has plenty of pics to look at. Each movie has a large thumb that goes with the title to give you a pretty good idea about the story behind that spanking scene.

Lets take a look at some of the vids on offer, one of the most recent updates in the “F/F” section is called “Academy of Riding” and the thumb shows a girl wearing only a bra and riding hat bending over for the cane. Part one of this movie sets the scene in detail as we learn why two girls have turned up at the stable and what the female owner of the stables thinks about the whole thing. The two girls are both cute in different ways. One girl has short, blonde hair with a slim, feminine body and squeaks in a high-pitched voice as she is hit with the cane. The other girl is taller and a little quieter but its just as rewarding to see take her punishment. If you’ve ever had a kinky fantasy about girls who like horses this movie is for you, plenty of jodhpurs and caning!

Another video shows two maids getting into trouble with the housekeeper. First one then the other gets into trouble, then a twist in the plot sees the housekeeper spank and paddle both girls to try to get to the bottom of a mystery. She eventually gets the information she’s after and has no choice but to use the cane. The live-in maid fantasy is a classic! A sexy babe who cleans the house and is either accident prone or dishonest can expect a hard time from her employers. In this case the two maids get a proper chastising as they both have to raise their long uniform dresses and receive their punishments on their bare bottoms.

There are some great stories, I liked the story of the gardener who turned on his employer and story of the naughty nuns who had to have their milky white buttocks strapped thoroughly for them to continue to stay at the nunnery.. there are common spanking fantasies as well as fantasies that you’ll develop after watching these videos.

I like the site a lot. The movies seem to span quite a few years so the picture quality varies but there is always a story behind the spankings and they are always exciting to watch. The spanking scenarios are among the best there are and all the scenes I saw were played out in full, with the full intro available and you can tell that Calstar really enjoy their work 😉 We give Calstar Spanking 8.5 out of 10.

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

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