Spanking Website Review: Girl’s Boarding School

Girls Boarding School Spanking Review

Whenever I think of the Girl’s Boarding School spanking website I always think of the words “assume the position” spoken in a heavy german accent: it’s the catchphrase of the main teacher at Girl’s Boarding School. If a girl hears those 3 words she knows she’s in trouble and due a severe caning, paddling or strapping.

With new updates most days Girl’s Boarding School (GBS) is a big site. I like the story aspect of the site. With a spanking website it might be easy to get a new girl every week and just spank her.. but I want to know the reason behind it. Here the scenes are set up beautifully, often with us spying on the naughty girl for a couple of minutes before she is inevitably caught red-handed doing whatever it is that she shouldn’t be doing.

With it being a girl’s school there are plenty of different girls who end up getting punished but you’ll have your own favorites, like gothic chick, Christine, for example. The best girls are sometimes the naughtiest and Christine gets herself into some very unfortunate situations whether it be from not doing well in class, stealing from a store or skinny dipping in broad daylight we get to see her get found out and be dealt with firmly.

Lisa is another nice and naughty babe. She’s a sultry brunette but makes a mistake when she locks herself in and starts to drink a $200 bottle of wine. She gets caught when she forgets about the backdoor and the teacher finds her with a half-enpty bottle of his precious wine. Naughty Lisa bends over the wooden chair while her teacher removes his belt and gives her a hard thrashing with the leather belt on her pretty, round rear.

There are plenty of other girls including busty Maggy who arrives at the school bra-less and then gets in more trouble when the headmaster finds out why she got expelled from her previous school. This busty babe is obviously in need of some stern punishments!!

The big plus points of GBS are the setting, the strict teachers and the array of beautiful girls to spank. Also, the videos are all good quality and largish without taking too long to download, a full video might be 70 or 80MB and downloads for me in a couple of minutes. I wasn’t really sure about what the different sections were but the first spankings of new girls all seemed to be in one section and punishments of the other residents in another and there are plenty of them.

I didn’t like the GBS navigation and the photos were just screen grabs from the videos but apart from that I’m struggling to think of anything I didn’t like. The punishments were all hard and fast and there’s always cornertime at the end to display the cute red ass to us before the movie ends.

If you want plenty of spankings of cute 18-22 year old girls with updates every day or so then GBS is a great place to start and the yearly membership is amazing value considering the updates are so frequent. I give Girl’s Boarding School 9 out of 10 and a must for anyone who likes to see fresh hot babes getting disciplined.

Girls Boarding School

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