Spanking Website Review: Spank Christina

Christina is spanked and paddled OTK in the Office

Spank Christina is the spanking website of curvy, brunette, Christina. Christina is English and is the definition of a girl-next-door, a nice amateur babe. What surprised me was how eager she is to get into a confrontation with the women in her life. Instead of talking her way out of a spanking, Christina shouts back and argues, often making things worse for herself and her naughty bottom.

Like Rosaleen Young, Christina is an uber-brat. Even after she’s been arrested and has spent the night in the cells she’s still got the audacity to demand to go to bed when she gets home in one of my favorite scenes. There’s also the scene where Christina goes shopping with her aunt Edna and is so rude on the way home that she gets her bottom spanked on top of the railway bridge on the way home. Outdoor spankings are great!

Christina and friends all get a good spanking. There are some scenes where Christina is spanked along with another girl, in these scenes Christina takes most of the spanks out of the two girls. There are also scenes with other girls where the spankings tend to not be as hard as the spankings Christina takes. There’s a nice mix, mainly F/F but there’s some M/F and an extremely hot lesbian shower-scene spanking!!!

Naughty Christina is spanked in the Classroom

In terms of quality of video and navigation both are good. The vids are great and you can download them part by part or all at once in the full download. The navigation is an update list with links to the latest updates and then unordered pages of clips with 3 spanking sets on each page. It might have been nicer to have it ordered in some way but I guess it would be hard to put the scenes into sections as there are often multiple positions and implements used in each scene. The overall presentation of the site is very good and makes me feel happy and want to come back.

So, Spank Christina is an excellent spanking site, in English with the main spankee having an English accent. While quite a lot of the scenes do not feature Christina there are plenty of our heroine and all come with stills, multipart downloads and full-downloads. Spankings include OTK, caning, paddling and the strap.

We give Spank Christina 8 out of 10, if the chronological navigation doesn’t bother you then score the site higher.

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