Naughty Babe Spanked on Bare for Playing Music Too Loud

Naughty Babe Spanked on Bare for Playing Music Too Loud

When this naughty girl plays her music too loud on the computer her Mom hands her the headphones and tells her to plug them in. Mischievously the bratty babe plugs them in for a second or two then turns her speakers back up to continue dancing away to her loud music. The redheaded Mom is less than impressed at her daughter’s disobedience and what follows is a hard bare-bottomed spanking!

It’s quite an unusual spanking in that it’s partly OTK and partly with the girl bending over the computer desk. The Over the Knee looks a little strange because instead of the girl lying across her Mom’s knee she’s actually kneeling on the floor and bending over. See what I mean in the sample spanking clips.

So, as far as spankings go, it looks different but the punishment itself is hard and leaves the naughty girl with a very red bottom. After an initial hand-spanking the girl’s panties are pulled down and her Mom produces a huge, black, leather strap with which she starts to teach the insolent little Madam a well-deserved lesson on her pretty bare bottom. Both mother and daughter are great in this very strict scene, check it out and…

Watch the Full Vid @ Bad Tushy

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