October Sarah Updates

Sarah Gregory and her Therapist

Seeing as I’m just getting over teh swineflu today’s post is just gonna be a talk about some of the cool stuff I’ve been seeing from my sickbed (get well cards and comments welcome).

First off, I really like this gallery of Sarah Gregory getting her medicine (I have meds and getting well on the brain) at Spanked Sweeties in an episode entitled “Sarah and the Therapist”.

I really like these photos, congrats to the photographer, and, as Clare says, Sarah does fill out those blue jeans very well before they are yanked down. Sarah is looking foxier than ever and I never know what I want to do with Clare, she has mastered the sexy strictness so well, especially in this gallery. I like the look of the pics, they look very luxurious! I’m not a huge fan of striped panties but everything else here gets an A+, check it out…

Sarah Gregory and the Therapist gallery

Another sizzling update from THE place to get your interviews with the stars on their spanking fantasies: Spanked Sweeties. Which, at the moment is featuring interviews with the stars of “Exclusive Education 4″… if you don’t know how good EE4 is you gotta check it out on Girl Spanks Girl (the BEST EE so far!!!)

…also, on the theme of Sarah’s I’ve just been browsing my favorite English spanking website, Spanking Sarah, and I’m loving the updates!

What do I like about this Sarah..? I like her mischeivousness! She’s quite tall and might possibly be old enough to label as a MILF but she has a great body. From the videos she seems quite tall and very slim. She does not have the biggest butt in the world but as she’s kneeling on the wooden seat outdoors in the English countryside, with her bum sticking out she looks awesome… especially as you can see that lovely bottom getting redder and redder under those tiny, denim shorts. I like that update a lot, but then Sarah is awesome!

Anyway, thats enough from me….

Never Been Spanked Girls at Spanked Sweeties

Spanking Sarah

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