Spanking Website Review: Bad Females

Blonde babe fondled OTK during her spanking

Bad Females has some nice sets but I have to warn you right off it’s mainly a photo site so you should enjoy seeing photos of spankings. If this is you then there are also some vids to get into but the photosets far outnumber the vids.

The theme of Bad Females is that it’s mainly M/F. The guys tend to be reasonably old and the girls tend to be in their early twenties although this is not always the case. So the general concept is that an old guy gets to discipline a younger babe. There is often wriggling involved and as the girl is stripped down he often fondles her sexy body and tender boobs, as above, or it even gets more sexy when the girl has her round bottom bared and he slides a finger or two into her pussy.

All-girl hard spanking

As the site is all about the photos they tend to be very good quality, some of the spankings don’t seem that hard but if you don’t need to see the girl’s ass get red the positions are great and all the girls are super hot. I liked this photo, for example…

Uncle Jesse spanks a sexy girl OTK

Bad Females is a cute site and has some nice spanking pics, with some vids thrown in for good measure. I give the Bad Females 7 out of 10.

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