Isis gets Strapped and Caned Naked

Isis Johnson gets Strapped and Caned Naked

Isis Johnson arrives home late dressed improperly and with an “I don’t care” attitude. Without warning she is told to strip totally naked then bend over. Her full, bouncing buttocks are then thrashed hard with a thick, leather strap, followed by a hard caning with the rattan cane. Isis is one of the sexiest girls you will ever see. Her cheeks bounce & quiver with every stroke. Her gasps each time leather or rattan strikes her cheeks fills the room! After her thrashing her vagina is dripping and when she is left alone she urgently rubs her vagina, masturbating feverishly, while her buttocks now covered in welts throb & glow bright red.

Naked Isis gets strapped and caned movies

Isis Johnson is a sexy British babe, she’s got a fantastic body that she’s decorated with some piercings and tattoos. I like the way she asks if it’s ok for her to rub her bottom and her pert bottom is perfect as she sticks it right out for the cane.

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