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Seeing as it’s a Tuesday, today’s post is a little different, we have a couple of photos from scenes that you might not be able to find yet. So, sneaky peeks from the future. They’re together because I really like each photo in different ways.

This one is of Madison Martin bending over the solid, wooden desk for the paddle in a future episode of My Spanking Roommate. I like this photo a lot and can’t wait to see the movie…

I like:

  • The look on Madison’s face. She looks a bit dishevelled with her makeup smeared.
  • The fact you can see down her blouse.
  • The angles are nice and unusual. Madison is almost facing the camera but she’s coming into the frame at an angle so you can see the outline of the side of her butt.
  • Nice composition of the photo.
  • Interesting background.
  • The fact that Madison’s face is the focus.

To me, this photo is all about how Madison feels about having that big wooden paddle swung at her unprotected rear. She’s almost clinging onto the rounded desk for dear life. It looks like she recognises that she has to endure the spanking so is resigned to the fact that she must stay in place but is not very happy about her situation.

If anything the only thing that this photo could do with to make it perfect might be a mirror in the back of the room so that we could see a reflection of Madison’s big, spanked bottom in the background.

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Now, to make up for this lack of ass, this photo comes from Spank Sinn. It’s a close-up of Sinn Sage’s beautiful spanked bottom. When I first saw this picture I was speechless for a little while, Sinn has a tremendous bottom, especially after a hard spanking…

Sinn Sage's spanked bottom close-up

I don’t want to overuse words like perfect but Sinn Sage does have a very nice bottom. In the photo it is very nicely presented. Her legs are parted and her pretty pussy is right in the center of the shot. It is mainly an ass photo but I just like everything about it, including the hint of Sinn’s slim waist and her blue thong and jeans that are staggered down her thighs. If this photo was on my wall I don’t think I’d ever get bored of it.

In fact, I wouldn’t tire of either photo, they are both very nice in different ways. You can see more of Madison Martin at My Spanking Roommate and see a whole lot more of Sinn Sage at her official website: Spank Sinn!

Spank Sinn

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