Callgirl Special

Sarah Gregory, Clare Fonda and Jenni Macks' beautiful spanked bottoms on the bed

I’m calling this a callgirl spanking special because there are three lovely bottoms on display, as you can see in the above photo. On seeing this one photo I wanted to post about this. I love watching spanking movies but can also appreciate the beauty in still photos. Three naughty spanked bottoms lying on a bed is a very nice pic. It reminds me a little of seeing photos of a line of bikini-clad babes lying on their front on their towels at the beach bottoms pointing skywards. This comes under my “if one is good then three or more must be better” rule. The ladies here are very sexy on their own, but put them together and things just get better and better.

So what’s going on here? In the latest episode from Spanked Callgirls Miss Chris is mad at her daughter, Jenni Mack, for becoming a hooker, she’s also mad at Jenni’s girlfriend Sarah Gregory for getting her into the sex trade and then there is the Madam herself, Clare Fonda, whom she is also very upset with… Having caught them red-handed Miss Chris decides to give them all a red bottom…

Sarah Gregory, Clare Fonda and Jenni Mack gets spanked by Miss Chris – gallery

I particularly like this scene because it’s good to see Clare getting hers. I’m all for the spanking of switches, esp Ms Fonda! It is good to see a lady who can be so vocal about her own strictness getting a really good spanking, to teach her a lesson 🙂

It’s another nice update from Clare’s world of naughty hookers and spankings…

Spanked Callgirls

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