Spanked for Cheating in Class Movies

Spanked for Cheating in Class Movies

This strict teacher (Ms Lexi Bardot) feels she has a moral obligation towards one blonde student who has not done her homework again and has had to cheat. Ms Bardot suggests to the girl that if she hadn’t been sucking cock she could have done the classwork herself and to help her learn this lesson the blonde is spanked over the teacher’s desk in these movies.

There are some nice touches by stern and bossy Ms Bardot. To start with she feels that her naughty student is talking back a little too much so she puts a pencil in her mouth to keep her quiet (it seems the girl likes having things put in her mouth 😉 ).

It’s a great lesbian spanking movie. Ms Bardot is very strict and spanks hard. See the full movie and plenty of other sexy teachers spanking and caning their naughty female students at Bad Tushy!

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