Naughty Girl Spanked for Stealing

Naughty Girl Spanked for Stealing

Anyone who’s ever had anything stolen would love to catch the thief in the act, unfortunately it doesn’t happen very often but in this spanking movie a cute, busty girl gets her revenge on the girl who she’s just found going through her purse.

The woman is outraged at such a violation in her own home and immediately bends the girl over and starts smacking her bottom. The girl has no excuse and has no option but to take her punishment, but what she might have thought would be a few gentle slaps over her denim skirt, turns into a hard spanking on her bare ass as the busty housewife takes her revenge on the poor girl’s butt. This is a very energetic spanking, the furious owner of the purse is slightly chubby and her big boobs hang down enticingly as she leans over to spank the naughty girl. Girl on girl spanking at its finest!!

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