Corporal Punishment for Office Lateness

Busty boss spanks her tardy employee for failure to show up on time

When Ariel X shows up late for work again her boss has had enough! If she cannot rely on Ariel to show up on time she may as well go find herself a new job, one with more flexible working hours that are more suited towards someone with no sense of punctuality… But, that’s not exactly going to be easy to find these days so hapless Ariel almost begs for another solution to their mutual problem. Luckily, as it happens, her boss has the answer lying in her top drawer. She pulls it open and reaches for a heavy leather strap. If Ariel wants to continue to work for her then she’s going to have to learn to turn up to work on time the hard way. In no time she is seated and has pulled Ariel over her knee and is proceeding with the punishment…

Busty boss spanks her tardy employee for failure to show up on time

Ariel X is as hot as hell! She has the tightest body you are likely to see, and her bottom is beautiful. especially when her skirt is pulled off and her pantyhose have been pulled down for her bottom to be strapped with the brutal-looking leather belt.

See all the erotic spanking office-based spanking action and wonder why your politically-correct place of work isn’t like this at Bad Tushy!

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