Chloe Elise moves House

Chloe Elise gets pulled into position

Here’s the brand new episode from the newly refurbished tour of My Spanking Roommate. The redesign is to showcase the 30 characters that are now a part of the spanking sopa opera. Each of the 38 episodes sees one of more of the sexy female characters getting herself into trouble with the inevitable outcome of getting her behind firmly dealt with.

Episode 38 sees Chloe Elise tries to move into her new apartment with Snow Mercy – who is not there – instead she finds Madison Martin, who orders that Chloe leave until Snow returns. When Chloe refuses, Madison spanks her – first with hand, then with a wooden spoon…

Madison gives Chloe a sound OTK spanking

This episode showcases two of the hottest spanking models out there. Madison is looking tanned and lovely as she sternly drags Chloe over her knee, and Chloe Elise is as sexy as ever, especially when her denim shorts and panties are pulled down and her bottom is bared for a very erotic girl-on-girl spanking.

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