Naughty Girl Spanked for Phonecall in Class

Naughty Girl Spanked for Phonecall in Class

Ms Quinn is a strict lecturer at University. She does not take any nonsense from her students, especially not taking phonecalls in class when they should be studying. Nicole breaks this rule and soon finds the cellphone yanked from her hands and watches in horror as her teacher tells her friend that “Nicole can’t talk any more she’s about to get her bum spanked“.

Already humiliated by the strict teacher Nicole is bent over the desk and her skirt is lifted up so that she can slap her tender, white cheeks. There is a hard spanking in store for the babe who doesn’t take college seriously. When Ms Quinn has had enough of spanking her with her hand she reaches for the strap and slaps the thick strap across her sore ass until she squeals, and even then the punishment is not over for this little minx, the strapping continues, this time over the knee of her powerful, dominant, busty teacher!

Ms Quinn does not take any nonsense from the girl in this movie, which is exactly how it should be. Watch the whole movie and many more school spankings at Bad Tushy!

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