Japanese College Girl Spanked

Japanese College Girl Spanked

Spanking is a very physical, emotional event, but when you capture a split second in a single shot, sometimes that can be more beautiful and have more meaning and suggestion than the actual movie. This photo from Cutie Spankee is a nice example, it’s beautifully clear and crisp, both Japanese ladies are very well dressed, and the pristine, wooden paddle about to come down on that sexy, spanked bottom is almost poetic.

The photo comes from the “College Girl Spanked” update where the college girl in question comes home late too often so on this particular day is in for a punishment. She is dragged over the knee and her japanese tushy gets slapped as her tight, white skirt is pulled up.

Japanese girls are so cute and while I can’t understand the language, their high-pitched voices are very sexy and I love the squeals as they are shocked and embarrassed at their enforced nudity. Very sexy indeed and the ladies here look even sexier in their pretty panties, stockings and suspenders. Delicious!

Cutie Spankee

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