Spanking Models: Mistress Gemini

Mistress Gemini spanks two errant girls

Mistress Gemini is fearsome! Far from being a submissive, little spanking model, she is a petite but extremely strict spanker of young ladies. The photo above comes from a spanking movie on Spanking Pay Per View where she teaches two naughty college students, Gia and Regency, some hard discipline.

Gemini is a quite short and petite redhead but you do not know what you’re dealing with until you’ve met her in person. I had the pleasure to catch Mistress Gemini at a party last year. She was wearing a white latex dress and seemed to tower above everyone in her massive heels with her hair scraped up on top of her head. I’d say every bit as striking in real life as she is on film.

In this scene from “Rich Little Bitches” she’s looking more demure as a college teacher but when the two girls misbehave on her watch its time to teach them both a painful lesson. Skillfully she grabs one girl by the ear and pulls out a chair with the other hand. She gently places her bottom on the straight-backed chair and pulls the girl over her lap. We haven’t even begun the spanking yet and the scene is smoking hot already. The first girl to be spanked is dressed in a similar way to Gemini but there is one major difference: attitude! As she pulls her over the knee you almost feel like Gemini can see herself in the girl but seeing these bad habits makes her want to be even stricter and make sure the habits disappear with her bad attitude.

Mistress Gemini spanks a naughty girl

The resulting spanks more than live up to their billing. Mistress Gemini is a HARD spanker!!! Whether she is spanking the girls OTK on their white, cotton panties or is strapping their bare bottoms with a tawse each stroke is full-force and has the two ladies yelping. The OTK punishments are very hot, but its the paddling later that proves that Gemini is an expert spanker, as she spanks their bare bottoms with the small, wooden paddle the swat of the hard strokes echo round the room and she reminds them both that she still has the cane waiting for them.

In this scene Gemini brings everything I want from a girl on girl spanking scene: femininity and hard spanking. To stream or download the whole of this DVD in large, full-screen size and many more spanking movies go to Spanking Pay Per View

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