Strict Lady spanks a naughty Employee

I like hard OTK spanking and I like girl/girl spanking. In this OTK spanking movie at Spanking Pay Per View I get all this plus I also get to see the strict employer spank her naughty employee in one of the most no-nonsense and direct ways I’ve ever seen.

Something that a woman has that men don’t really have when spanking is the ability to spank hard and fast even though the girl may be squealing, yelling or crying. If you want to know what I mean you really have to see this scene… It’s been a long, hard and fast spanking and the big, fat woman decides to take a break for a while. She pushes a finger into the girl’s sore, red bottom and when she removes her finger she watches as the skin changes from white back to red. It has been a good spanking and it looks like the punishment is over because the girl has tears pouring down her face and the employer has lightened her tone a little and says she has a “nicely, well-spanked girl”… but at that moment the calmness lifts as the hairbrush starts spanking her sore bottom again and fresh tears appear in the girl’s eyes.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this is probably one of my favorite scenes, it’s a real spanking caught on film and the hardness of the smacks is plain to see and the stern words delivered throughout the spanking give the naughty babe much to think about. Watch and download the full movie, “Naughty Employee” at Spanking Pay Per View.

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