Redhead gets Thrashed

Sexy redhead gets thrashed on the bench

This is another one of those Czech-language movies where the girl is secured to a wooden bench and is getting lashed with some kind of whip. In this case, the girl is pretty cute and is very reactive indeed to her bare bottom getting lashed. Even though her legs are strapped to the bench and her wrists are handcuffed underneath she still manages to move her bottom as far away as she can from the painful implement. A moment passes, she knows that there is not enough room for her bottom to completely escape, she lowers herself back down, looking at the camera…

Sexy redhead gets thrashed on the bench movies

…this is quite a punishment. There is something about that look the girl gives the camera that I really like, maybe it’s a submissive face or a face that isn’t used to being submissive learning the ropes.

If you like the style and aren’t put off by the Czech language there’s plenty more of these punishments at Rough Man Spank.

Rough Man Spank

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