Tables turned on Strict Lady Spanker

Strict Lady spanker tied up and caned

This is a very interesting caning gallery taken from Spank Camp, it shows a very strict lady who normally administers a hard spanking or caning.

When it comes to spanking fantasies this has to be one of the hottest there is. I love the idea of a woman who spanks girls every day getting in trouble herself and given a good spanking. Maybe it was because she’s so ferocious that she had to be restrained in this video, I’m not sure I can even imagine seeing this woman submit to a punishment if her hands weren’t tied. Also, she has two people in the room to cane her, its almost like one person wouldn’t be strong enough to cane her by themselves. As it is she’s tied with her hands above her head so that her slim body is fully on display, and she does have a nice body – all the spankings she gives has obviously kept her very fit.

Listen to her being told off, scolded and caned in the videos at Spank Camp!

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