OTK hand-spanking for Sexy Girls

Sexy redhead Vixen takes Darling OTK for a hand-spanking

When two gorgeous babes have an argument over a dildo that ends up in a delicious hand-spanking. As you can see in the above photo, fiery redhead, Vixen, has the blonde Darling over her knee in the smoking hot Girl Spanks Girl website.

Darling’s face as she is yanked over her friend’s knee is priceless, its a kind of shock, surprise and disgust. Vixen, on the other hand, is focused sternly on the spanking at hand, a delicate hand in the center of the back to steady herself and keep the naughty girl still and her other hand is free to spank her naughty bare bottom.

Vixen is smoking hot, she has a cute face and lovely red hair and I just like her a lot. She’s normally the one to be facing the floor with her bottom in the air but this time she shows that she can be a strict spanker too but do not fear, the girls in this site usually get their bums spanked.. and Vixen is no exception is this scintillating spanking scene. Both cute girls get their bums spanked rosy red in their underwear. Their panties are yanked down and their lovely, creamy ass cheeks are spanked hard til they turn bright red.

You can see the rest of the photos from this movie and, of course, the full movie is being added to Girl Spanks Girl, the ultimate F/F spanking site.

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