Old-fashioned mother paddles her daughter

Old-fashioned mother paddles her daughter

There was a time in America where all the women wore long skirts and were well-behaved or they knew to expect a hard spanking. Today, we go back in time to that bygone era and meet a hard-working woman who having lost her husband has brought her daughter up on her own in these hard and unforgiving times. She has tried to raise her daughter well and instill American values into her from an early age, but somehow she has failed because her daughter is now a grown woman and has just been sent home following a spanking for cheating in her teacher’s exam! The mother knows that a lady’s reputation means everything so is understandably outraged at her daughter’s behavior and has no choice but to paddle her on her already sore bottom in these hot spanking movies.

The Schoolmaster’s Revenge” is one of the best spanking movies you’ll ever see. The one case of cheating leads to two girls getting a thorough spanking by the headmaster, then one girl gets an additional spanking by her mother before the mother runs into the headmaster who has lusted after her for many years and finally gets the opportunity to show her that he is a good, firm and strict man as he flips up her petticoat and canes the mother’s bare ass by the open fire.

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