Spanked and anally probed

Heidi Mayne gets spanked and anally probed

Heidi Mayne is a call girl trying to make a comeback. Surprise, surprise – she needs money. Brothel Madam Clare has seen this all before. They leave her for a better life then come crawling back when the money runs out. What Heidi needs is a good spanking. Clare spanks her bottom and pussy and gives her an inspection that includes having her temperature taken rectally! It is everything you’d expect from kinky brothel madam, Clare Fonda, and her team of hookers…

Heidi Mayne gets spanked and anally probed gallery

Watch the full scene of Heidi’s punishment and humiliating cavity probe all at the kinkiest spanking website on the web… Spanked Callgirls!

Spanked Callgirls

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