Addie and Kendra

Kendra James inspects her well-spanked bottom

This is a sweet update from Spanked Sweeties with Addie Juniper and Kendra James. Both ladies are very sexy with reddish/brown hair and lovely, very spankable bottoms. We’ve seen both ladies before but it is always a pleasure to see them go OTK, especially is this gorgeous girl-on-girl scene.

It starts off with Kendra spanking Addie in Gallery 1.

Then Kendra gets her revenge in Gallery 2.

Both ladies have tight bodies and lovely rears. I’m not sure which gallery I like best. In the first one the combination of Kendra’s boobs and Addie’s bottom is pretty intoxicating, but revenge is certainly sweet.

Like every good fairytale there is a happy ending and it is hugs all round after two well-spanked bottoms…

Addie Juniper and Kendra James hug after they have both spanked each other

Watch this whole scene in the movies at Spanked Sweeties.

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