Mischa’s Locker Room Pranks

Mischa promises to to play any more locker room pranks as she is spanked naked

Today we have Mischa and Veronica Bound in “Locker Room Pranks” at Punished Brats. Mischa is very cute indeed and you’ll like the fact that she’s naked with hair and boobs flying around all over the place as Veronica uses the hairbrush on her naughty bottom. The spanking has come about after some pranks performed by naughty Mischa in the locker room. Unfortunately for her, Mischa is the only person who can see the funny side of them. Nobody else, Veronica included, is laughing. In fact, Veronica is the opposite of happy with Mischa’s naughty behaviour. The result is a very sexy OTK spanking in the nude. Mischa is beautiful with a lovely body and a high-pitched, squeaky voice who looks every bit the perfect spankee as she wriggles and complains throughout her spanking. Mischa promises again and again that she won’t play any more pranks as she is spanked fully nude.

Mischa promises to to play any more locker room pranks as she is spanked naked – movies and photos

Veronica is as strict and stern as always, not taking any further trouble from the naughty lady as she spanks her behind with the wooden hairbrush. The scene is not only cute but becomes erotic with Mischa’s lovely naked body squirming around all over the strict lady’s lap. This is definitely my favorite nude spanking of today and I can’t wait to see much more of this naughty brat getting into yet more trouble at Punished Brats.

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