Strict Prison Disciplinary Spankings for Naughty Girls

Strict Prison Disciplinary Spankings for Naughty Girls

I have never been in a women’s prison but I’d like to think that clothing was optional and the discipline was very strict. Much like it is in this strapping and caning in a women’s prison gallery.

Stepping into a fantasy world you would have a place where good-looking but misguided women were sent to a “house of discipline” where they worked during the day in order to pay for their detention and rested at night. Without the luxury of a TV or computer the evenings are a time of eating dinner and talking among themselves and playing games. After the hard work of the day the confined surroundings are often too restrictive for some girls and the playing gets a little wild. The strict Warden is forced to intervene and discipline the rowdy girls.. and.. this is no holiday camp… the punishments will be severe!! When this Warden gives a punishment she does not mess about. The naughty inmates will remember their punishments for some time to come.. she’ll make sure of that..

You can get an idea as to how hard she’s swinging the cane from the photos, to download the girl-girl prison spanking movies go to Spank Camp!

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