Girl Strapped and Paddled over the Sofa

Cute girl Strapped and Paddled over the Sofa

This strapping and paddling gallery is a series of the hottest spanking pictures there is. It is an example of how to capture the drama and emotion in a good spanking and I could look at the photos all day, especially the pics, like the one above, that shows the girls face at the moment of impact with her cute butt in the background. You can tell immediately that this is a HARD spanking, especially as the gorgeous babe is being spanked and strapped over her jeans.

This babe is simply perfect. She has long, curly dirty-blonde hair and reminds me a lot of Jennifer Aniston. She is certainly very hot and must have been very bad to get such a severe spanking on her pretty little behind.

The gallery starts with the spanking and then we focus on the girls beautiful face and her teary eyes as she is told off. Then the spanking continues on her sore, bare bottom with the wooden paddle and we see the aftermath of the girl’s red bubble butt as she tries to recover from her punishment. To see more of this spanking and movies and pictures of many other naughty girls getting punished check out Girls Boarding School!

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