Spanking Pizza Delivery Girl Hard OTK

Pizza Delivery Girl Spanked OTK

As the name of this blog suggests, I like girls with attitude getting spanked. I like cheeky, smart-ass girls talking back and talking themselves into a harder and harder spanking. This girl with attitude gets spanked because the pizza she’s delivering is wrong, late and cold. So her “couldn’t care less” expression in the above picture soon turns into a “ooowwww this really hurts” as she is given a very hard OTK hand spanking, below…

Pizza Delivery Girl Spanked OTK

I love seeing this smoking hot babe with plenty of sexy attitude get a good bottom spanking, you can tell from the photos that it’s a hard, lively spanking and I particularly enjoyed seeing her hand held behind her back. Watch the movie at Girls Boarding School!!

Girls Boarding School

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