Dragonlily and Lacey Jane

Sexy Dragonlily dominates Lacey Jane's pretty butt

If the butt is the center of the universe for spanko’s then this site is the brightest star! If you like hard, rough sex and plenty of kinky anal play, aswell as spanking, caning and whipping then Everything Butt really does have it all.

In this kinky lesbian gallery Dragon Lily is dominating sexy blonde babe, Lacey Jane. She starts off by ripping her pretty dress and immediately focusses on her ass as she slaps the blonde’s pert bottom. Dragonlily ties her up in bondage, securing and inserting a butt plug into her sub. Then, with the butt plug in place and her wrists secured she canes her lovely, bare bottom.

But the kinkiness does not end there. Dragonlily continues by sitting on Lacey’s face and flushing out her ass with an enema. There is also some nice strapon action with the subgirl held powerless in the diaper-position.

The brick wall of the amory looks very stark and dungeon-like and the furniture is not much better. Poor Lacey Jane gets herself locked into an array of old-fashioned furniture, all of which I do not know the name of but all of which looks very uncomfortable and restricting for the sweet blond. I particularly like the box in which she kneels on all fours inside with her arms and legs held in place.

This is definitely a very hard, lesbian scene that is very sexy and very kinky in a very rough way. Watch the full movie and plenty more ass-centric hardcore, fetish scenes at Everything Butt.

Everything Butt

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