Amy gets spanked and fucked!

Amy gets spanked and fucked!

Amber Dawn is a very kinky and sexy redhead who is often stripped naked and spanked herself, but she also spanks her girlfriends too. Amy is one of Amber’s girlfriends and here she gets spanked and fucked by the strict redheaded switch! It’s a very sexy nude lesbian spanking scene and I particularly like some of the angles in the movie, such as this one, above. Amber really gets to grips with cute Amy’s lovely bottom and she is not afraid to spank her as hard as she can. It’s a luscious gallery with lots of reds (the bedsheets, Amber’s hair and Amy’s red bottom) as well as the paler colours in the wallpaper and the skin tone of the two ladies giving this movie a very sumptuous feel to it. But, let’s not forget that this is a hot scene! Amber first spanks then fucks her friend… and let’s not forget, next time it will be Amber’s turn to get a very sore bottom indeed…

Amber Spanks

EDIT: It looks like Amber no longer has a spanking website. Her website is now dedicated mainly to glamour and hardcore sex, but you’ll still find some spanking there.

One thought to “Amy gets spanked and fucked!”

  1. i just wanted to personally thank you for such a well written perceptive description of our movie. You are one fo the few that gets it! You understnd the artistic vision along with the hot raw nastiness, thanks again.

    Sincerely Switching,
    Amber Dawn

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